Knopfler of Dire Straights fame to perform at LPCA

LAKE PLACID - The Lake Placid Center for the Arts is inviting the public to a One-Night-Only Concert featuring Dire Straits Co-Founder David Knopfler with Harry Bogdanovs on Saturday, April 24 at 8 pm. Tickets are $16 and can be purchased by calling 523-2512.

About David Knopfler:

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, David Knopfler grew up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North of England. By fourteen, David was performing his own songs in folk clubs and having learned guitar, piano and drums in his childhood, it's not surprising to find he's mastered many of the instruments he uses on his recordings.

David founded Dire Straits, and with brother Mark recorded three albums, touring the stadium circuit extensively, before resigning three years later to follow his own path of independent, singer-songwriter. For more than two decades he's faithfully pursued his musical vision, writing and producing his own music on several critically acclaimed solo CDs.

David creates songs of substance. They are by turns deep and captivating, elegant and thought provoking, with clever, gripping lyrics, his exquisite sense of melody blending effortlessly. More attentive listeners might even find themselves decoding the frequent buried references David includes. An example is found in "Jericho" (from his 2002 album Wishbones), the words to which conceal titles of previous albums and songs.

David Knopfler has been fortunate enough to reach a wide audience without compromising his art. While he's enjoyed the respect and admiration of his musical peers, widespread critical acclaim, international awards and worldwide chart successes, he lives quietly in the English countryside, notching up an impressive list of writing credits. An understated integrity and honesty define Knopfler in both his work and private life. A family man and a lifelong member of organizations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Adopt a Minefield, David has always made uncompromising life choices. "I don't regard what I do as remotely glamorous. I write and record music because I completely love doing it, despite any so called "celebrity status" that sometimes comes with the job."

David's first book of poetry entitled Blood Stones and Rhythmic Beasts was released in 2005 by Blackwing Books. The year 2006 saw the debut of his 10th CD "Songs For the Siren", and in March 2009 his collection "Anthology: 1983-2008" was released.

Don't miss David Knopfler live at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 24 at 8pm. Call the LPCA Box Office at 518-523-2512 for more information on these and other upcoming events, or visit online at www.LakePlacidArts.org, Facebook: Lp Ca

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