Essex 4/17

My dog Ginny and I made our weekly trip into the hamlet to snoop around and seek out tidbits for this column. We stopped at the old store and spoke to owner John Doyle, who was busy painting the doorway. He said he's got to have the renovations finished by May 1, when a business selling gifts and antiques will be moving in.

We next stopped at the town bulletin board by the post office and found several out of date postings, which I removed. There was also an unclaimed census form, an advertisement for a handyman from Plattsburgh and even a menu from a restaurant in Keeseville. It seems the bulletin board should address local, temporary items or events and not act as a permanent place to advertise. Thus, I removed the handyman and menu and did a bit of rearranging to make the bulletin board less chaotic. By the way, the town road crew did a very nice job cleaning the winter grunge from the streets of the hamlet.

I've been listening to a CD of bird songs and calls in an effort to identify some of the dozens of different birds here in Reber. Ginny and I were running errands and listening to our CD the other day when we stopped at the vet's for some heartworm medicine. We saw a pair of golden retriever puppies who Ginny wanted to boss around, being mostly border collie, and a tiny Chihuahua not much bigger than your hand. We took our leave, got back in the car, and were badly startled by loud crow cawing coming from the back seat. Ginny jumped into my lap, heading for the open window, when I remembered the bird CD. I turned down the crows, got Ginny calmed down and made it home safely.

Coming up on April 24 will be a showing of the movie "The Cove" at the Whallonsburg Grange. The show starts at 8 p.m. and is rated PG-13. "The Cove," which won an Academy Award, is a documentary about a group of dolphins and the people who try to protect them. On April 22, go to the Grange for a town board meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. and is unrated.

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