Dairy equipment firm opens; offers micro-dairy technology, service

Local, safe, organic, pasteurized, farm fresh milk can now be produced locally on Vermont farmsteads, homesteads, and micro-dairy farms using the technology, equipment, and services provided by Bob-White Systems.

Localvore homesteaders and small-scale slow food producers can now milk two to four cows making safe, delicious milk that can be sold at local farmer's markets, stores, restaurants, and throughout the community-keeping Vermont milk close to home while generating a viable mix to the growing localvore and slow food community and economy in Vermont with farm fresh milk!

In 2006, innovative Vermont dairy farmer, Steven Judge, started a micro-dairy farm on a hillside pasture in Royalton in a barn he built for four Jersey cows.

Judge and his company, Bob-White Systems, are offering farmstead dairies the opportunity to craft local milk and for the past four years have been developing micro low impact pasteurizers and bulk tanks that provide the gentle pumping and minimal heat necessary to produce safe milk without compromising milk's delicate flavor and nutritional value.

From this technology, additional equipment, such as portable milking machines and vacuum pumps, and other farmstead dairy related equipment (including technology for small batch cheese production) has been created.

Bob-White Systems is located in South Royalton which opened in March with a small showroom of the equipment and online at www.bobwhitesystems.com.

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