Weather Watch 4/10

March 2010 will be remembered fondly by those who dislike snow and cold temperatures. The month was the warmest and had the least amount of snow on record. For those who like Winter sports, it was a big disappointment as this Winter's snowfall has been below normal with only two significant storms to cover the trails and slopes.

The average high temperature was 46.1 degrees and the average low was 25.5 degrees, giving us an average of 35.8 degrees - 5.9 degrees above normal and the warmest on record. The previous warmest March was in 2000 when the average was 34.5 degrees. The coldest March was in 1984 when the average was 24 degrees. The coldest temperature of 10 degrees was recorded on the 27th and the warmest temperature of 61 degrees was recorded on the 19th. There were no below zero days compared with an average of two. There were only nine days this season with below zero readings compared with an average of 18. There were 905 degree days bringing the seasonal total to 6504.

Most likely because of the record warm temperatures, snowfall amount was a record low. Only 0.2 inches was recorded here in Riparius - 14.7 inches below normal. Larger amounts were recorded at higher elevations in town such as Edwards Hill and Gore Mountain. The previous record low amount of snow was four years ago in 2006 when only 0.6 inches was measured. The greatest amount of snow at 59.2 inches was recorded in 2001. Our seasonal total is now 49.7 inches - 24.5 inches below normal.

Melted precipitation was 5.80 inches - 2.52 inches above normal and the third most on record. The largest amount, of 7.36 inches was measured in 2001 and the least amount of 0.92 was measured in 1988. There was measurable precipitation on 8 days with the greatest amount of 2.47 inches falling on the 23rd. It is worth noting that the record amount of melted precipitation falling in 2001 coincided with the record amount of snow for the month of March - 59.2 inches.

Had the 5.80 inches of rain this March all been snow there could have been 58 inches of accumulated snow. But, because of the warm temperatures the least amount of snow ever recorded occurred this month. The yearly melted precipitation total is now 11.40 inches -2.97 inches above normal.

The river reached its highest level of 8.30 feet on the 23rd and its lowest level of 3.19 feet on the 8th.

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