Spring cleaning begins with sewers

LAKE GEORGE - With balmy weather arriving early, municipal spring cleaning has begun early this year.

With the help of a powerful mobile vacuum on loan from the Lake George Association, municipal employees have started cleaning up storm sewers and catch basins in the Village of Lake George.

The LGA's "Catch Vac" was brought out of storage and put to use this week, Association project manager Randy Rath said.

"The Catch Vac removes large quantities of sand and grit applied to the roads during the winter that accumulates in the region's catch basins," he said.

The Catch Vac also pulls out leaves, debris, bottles, litter and cans from as far down as 100 feet into storm water drains, manholes and catch basins. By providing the Catch Vac for lease to area municipalities, contractors, homeowners and private citizens, the LGA makes this essential spring cleaning task easy and affordable.

The Catch Vac requires only two operators, and efficiently removes large quantities of litter and polluting debris - allowing the catch basins to function properly so they can capture material before it reaches the Lake, Rath said. Many storm drains and basins in the local watershed go for years without cleaning because of perceived difficulty or expense, but the Catch Vac makes it relatively simple and inexpensive to take care of these cleaning tasks, he said.

"This is vital to keeping the Lake clean and healthy," he said.

To make a reservation to use the Catch Vac, call 668-3558. In cooperation with the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District and other partner organizations, the LGA has applied for federal funding to acquire a larger truck-sized system that will be shared by organizations across the Lake George Watershed and will more easily capture heavy material.

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