Sinecure has the cure

Their creativity comes from experience, said Justin.

"The themes of songs really come from how we're feeling at the time, rather than manufacturing something we don't really feel," explained Justin. "I don't think it's genuine to limit yourself to one end of the emotional spectrum just to fit in with a perceived notion about what your band has to say. We're all complicated people."

Sinecure is always working on new material and is currently building up their library of songs. More and more gigs are being booked and a demo is in the works to be put out later this year. The band is also looking to expand their horizons by adding a keyboardist to the group. When that happens, the trio believes they will really take off.

"We're playing more and more new songs, experimenting more, and are just generally more open to trying something new and discovering our own sound," said Justin.

"One of our goals for this year has been to earn a spot at the local festival Backwoods Pondfest. We haven't yet, but with some support I'm still confident we can accomplish that," added Jack.

Sinecure is featured in the Radio section of Plattsburgh Pipeline at www.plattsburghpipeline.com. They may also be found on Facebook and Myspace.

(Editor's Note: Sinecure is playing at the Monopole, 7 Protection Ave., this Thursday, April 8. The show starts at 10 p.m.)

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