New derby league is rolling into town

PLATTSBURGH - After seeing the Green Mountain Derby Dames from Vermont at a bout, life-long roller skater Kim Cummins wanted a piece of the action.

Cummins is looking for support in getting the Plattsburgh Roller Derby League off the ground, including women athletes, a coach and a place to practice and host bouts.

Roller Derby features five players on two teams who race around a flat track, collecting points as other players are lapped.

"It's a full-contact women's sport that has features that are like racing," explained Cummins. "It also has this theatrical kind of thing, because these girls wear short skirts and fishnets and tall socks."

"It's like a show and then a sport, too," she added.

With influence from the GMDD, Cummins knew the sport could be great for the Plattsburgh area.

"[In] Burlington, they pack the Expo center," she explained. "They have to close out tickets."

Cummins added the bouts can bring in other types of revenue, as they often have beer gardens and other vendors.

"There's all this different revenue being made by it," she said. "And, [the GMDD] donate it to causes. They don't keep it for themselves. There's a lot of really good things that could come from it."

"The past few bouts that we've gone to, they've donated to women's shelters or to the arts council," Cummins added.

Currently, the Plattsburgh league has had a lot of interest via their Facebook Web page, but they have a long way to go.

"I've been skating a long time, but I don't really know the fundamentals," Cummins said. "So, we're looking for players, a place to practice and some sort of coach."

Although she is hoping to begin a league for the North Country, Cummins also is looking to build up a team - the North Country Lumber Jills.

"It is a lot of fun," Cummins said of roller derby. "You get a lot of camaraderie out of it. You get a whole new family of people who really care about you. You're all going towards a common goal."

For more information about the Plattsburgh Roller Derby League and the North Country Lumber Jills, Cummins can be reached at 335-2295 or e-mail cumminsskimberly@gmail.com. They can also be reached by Facebook by searching for "Plattsburgh Roller Derby League" or by visiting their Web site, http://plattsburghrollerderby.weebly.com.

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