Medicare fraud corner

With many possible fraudulent uses of Medicare ID numbers, a variety of scams have been developed that target beneficiaries in an attempt to obtain their Medicare number.

Sometimes perpetrators provide an offer for free services such as milk or groceries but require the person's Medicare number. They visit adult living facilities or senior communities and identify specific individuals.

The promoter approaches consumers and tells them that Medicare or Medicaid wants to take care of them or is conducting a survey. They give consumers milk and/or food, and tell the consumers that everything is free and provided by the government.

The promoter asks consumers to complete and sign a form proving they were visited. The form asks for Medicare and/or Medicaid numbers.

Remember - the toll-free number to report allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse is 1-877-678-4697.

(Taken from New York State HIICAP)

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