Caregiver burnout

Have you ever felt like you don't know where you'll get the strength to continue? Ongoing stress and the drain of our physical energy, spirits and emotions can lead to burnout. For a caregiver, it begins with too little sleep and exhaustion. You are a very important person whom others are counting on. But how can you be counted on if you are not well yourself? Remember the long run, and guard your health. Conserve your strength. Watch your stress level to prevent burnout.

Tips for Instant Stress Reduction:

* Walk - Go for a vigorous, 20 minute walk.

* Stretch and breathe - Spend 10 minutes listening to soothing music while stretching and breathing deeply.

* Write - Fill a few sheets of paper with your thoughts.

* Create - Get five old magazines and cut out images that make you feel happy. Paste them onto a large sheet of paper or cardboard for an inspirational collage.

* Share - Go to a support group or meet with friends and talk about your feelings.

(Taken from Caregiver Assistance Newsletter)

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