Friesen & Ray Celebrate CD Release

Winter, originally from California, lives in a book, art and music filled home in Brattleboro. In addition to all of his other pursuits, he and his wife have also created their own production company, Fiddletalk Music, and Colorful Transitions is their CD release.

The album has already signed a contract for distribution in South America, and one for Europe is in the works.

Friesen said that the entire CD was recorded in just a couple of sessions at Berklee with engineer producer Stephen Webber using a studio grant. Friesen edited the CD at his home.

When asked about his wide variety of musical pursuits, Friesen said it was one of the great joys of his musical career to be involved with so many different kinds of music.

"Those of us who take on music as a lifetime pursuit," he said, "spend a lifetime working in your craft. I'm just trying to express myself through my music."

He noted that one of the great advantages of his classical training, often with 12 hours of practice daily, is that "classical training musicians learn to play their instruments really, really well. But, if you pick up your instrument without sheet music in front of you, what do you have to say? How do you tell your story?

"A gift from 1960s rock was this idea of just getting together and playing. It's way more fun and the audience can feel that."

Friesen has brought that improvisational spirit to his jazz and even classical work, and regularly holds workshops devoted to the idea. That kind of versatility is extremely important for anyone who wants to make a living in music today. He noted that his very talented students at Berklee include cellists who play Bluegrass, Texas Swing, Celtic, folk, World, classical, jazz and rock music.

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