Poll shows Britton edging on Leahy

RUTLAND-A Rasmussen Reports poll of the Vermont U.S. Senate race brought some bright news to the Britton campaign. The poll results revealed Leahy leads by 25 percent (Leahy 58 percent, unnamed generic Republican opponent earns 33 percent support), 2 percent prefer another candidate in the race, and 7 percent are undecided.

"I am very happy with news. For a political newcomer to be within 25 percent of a 35 year incumbent at this point in the race is good news-we have 222 days to make history and give Vermont a new voice in the Senate. Scott Brown swung 41 percent of the votes in Massachusetts in far less time" said Britton.

"When we break the 40 percent line, a mere 7 percent away, it becomes a horse race. The hidden gem in the polling was that only 52 percent of Vermont voters think it would be better for the country if most incumbents in Congress were defeated this November, 51 percent say their local representative deserves reelection. This clearly shows Vermont voters are unhappy with inside the beltway politics of elected officials who serve year after year, decade after decade and are our problems-not our solutions," Britton SAID.

Britton describes himself as "the independent Republican candidate."

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