Trout season is here!

On the return trip north, I traveled Route 8 from Ohio to Morehouse to Speculator, and finally from Wells to Schroon Lake. Along the route, I found scant evidence of a hard winter. A few lakes were already open and there were no towering snowbanks along the roadside; rivers weren't roaring with high water and only a few riverbanks were cluttered with blocks of ice.

Following a hunting season that offered just a single day of actual tracking snow, the growing evidence of global warming is difficult to deny.

In concept, as Jenkins explained, climate change can be arrested, however the process will require a worldwide effort of concerned citizens and others with the political will to make a difference. The process will require major sacrifices and new forms of energy consumption and development.

Unfortunately, the longer we forestall implementation of such measures, the sooner we will suffer the consequences. The saddest irony of the whole equation is that our parents toiled through the Great Depression, and then saved the world in World War II. They were the "Greatest Generation."

They lived to see a man on the moon, and gave birth to a generation that wanted to give back to the earth. However, at some point along the route, the 70's environmentalists became more concerned with a big house on the hill and two SUV's in the yard.

Greenbacks replaced green stripes as an overtly consumptive tenor overtook a generation that had promised to make a difference. At our current rate of consumption, I often wonder about the world our children will inherit. Will it look anything like it did when we were given the responsibility for it? Will we become the "Damnedest Generation"?

Joe Hackett is a guide and sportsman residing in Ray Brook. Contact him at brookside18@adelphia.net.

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