Motivational speaker gives ideas of what to do when life gives you lemons

CHAMPLAIN - When the announcement came Pfizer Inc. was closing its doors in our region, professional speaker Tom Bull of Plattsburgh wanted to do something to help the community.

Next Saturday, April 10, from 2-4 p.m., Bull will present "Transforming Life Challenges into Empowering Principles for Daily Living."

"[I] wanted to do something for the community, particularly because of what's going on with Wyeth, but just nationwide. Actually, worldwide," Bull said. "Our economy is hurting so many families."

Bull said he has recognized when many people are going through trying times, especially with the economy, they "neglect" their own spirit.

"What we're dealing with, particularly with people who lose their jobs - that can certainly break people down," he explained. "Their identity is in their jobs and they have a lot of people relying on them financially. So, they may not feel they're as adequate or they're insignificant."

To help these people, Bull said his message is meant to power and encouragement people.

"Carry peace with them wherever they're going," he explained.

Bull said he also provides "practical tools and principles" during the presentation for people "to help them maintain their focus, maintain the joy in their lives."

"[Help people] surround themselves with positive people and friends and family, and develop a quality of life that has very little to do with our external issues," Bull explained. "But, more about how we can share in each other's company, share in each other's joy, share in each other's friendship."

Although the event will be taking place at the Three Steeples United Methodist Church, 491 U.S. Route 11, Bull said the workshop is not just for people of that faith.

"Regardless of denomination, regardless of where you are in your spiritual path, this message isn't just primarily typical scripturally-based message," he explained. "It's a spiritual message by all means, but regardless of denomination, I think everybody can relate to it."

For more information, visit www.thomasjbull.com.

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