Lose weight with fewer carbs

Why am I gaining weight? I eat the same food and do the same amount of exercise as I always have. I hear this question from patients during their regular physical exams every year. My advice for most women is: fewer carbs, more muscle.

Many women consume too many carbs, especially from refined foods and alcohol. Most women over 40 lose more weight on diets that are low-glycemic (foods such as vegetables and whole grains) and higher in protein. Alcohol is full of calories and carbs, and for some women, consuming alcohol entirely impairs their ability to shed pounds.

To lose weight, you must decrease calorie intake and/or increase calorie utilization. While that sounded simple, here's the catch: Most women lose muscle mass as they age, and their body's fat proportion increases. Muscle burns many more calories than fat, so you must increase your body's muscle mass to burn the same number of calories. It is key to build muscle with resistance or strength-training exercises as part of your weight loss program.

(Information taken from Women's Health Reporter)

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