Chiropractic practice expands

PORT HENRY - A local chiropractic practice has expanded to serve people with allergies.

Dr. Jan Guffey, who operates Back to Health Chiropractic, has opened an allergy care center in her office at 3266 Broad St. in Port Henry. She also has an office at 121 Montcalm St. in Ticonderoga.

Guffey, who has allergies herself, realized many of her chiropractic patients also had the affliction.

"I have had great success minimizing the symptoms of allergies with chiropractic adjustments, but had not been able to totally eliminate allergy responses," Guffey said.

Until recently.

Guffey learned of the BAX-3000 Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy.

"Very simply, it re-trains patients to no longer react negativity to substances that have in the past caused them to wheeze, cough, sneeze, tear up or even swell up, or experience blocked nasal or throat passages," Guffey said.

BioVeda Technologies distributes the BAX-3000. It states the "devices are not meant to diagnose or treat any specific condition. The benefits of reducing stress on the nervous system however, and reducing or eliminating autonomic nervous system mediated responses can have wide reaching positive effects on a number of symptoms and conditions that previously had limited therapeutic options."

NSRT requires no drugs, no needles and no dietary restrictions.

"I'm very pleased with the results," Guffey said of the treatment. "It has an 85-90 percent success rate. People have responded very well."

There are options for allergy patients, but Guffey believes in the BAX-3000 treatment.

"The choice is their's, but you can be assured that we have one goal in mind - to help you, your family and the rest of the community to live life to its fullest, free of the symptoms associated with allergies, sensitivities, migraines and so many other chronic, recurring conditions," she said.

Interested people can reach Guffey at 546-3100. People do not have to be chiropractic patients to receive allergy treatment, she said.

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