Athol-Thurman 4-3-10

Our ambulance corps is vital

Have you all taken notice that we could lose the services of our emergency squad? You may or may not need ambulance services right now, but you never know when you could be the one dialing 911. It could be for your neighbor, for a nearby car accident, or for a family member.

This is why our emergency squad is in need of our help, not only in recruiting new members, but also in letting them know that they have public support.

Unfortunately because of some misunderstandings and harsh words between a few members, the whole town and its residents may have to suffer in emergency situations.

As of March 20 the $38,000 or so in annual funding from the town was still withheld, and that leaves our squad without a contract. So now we need to beg our squad, and our town board members to bury the hatchet, to get together to make decisions and not subject our town to the political dirt now prevalent in government generally.

Our town needs the caring and compassion that was always shown by the Emergency Squad members. Remember folks, even back in Indian days that tribes only had one chief. Please urge the town to sign the contract to provide us essential emergency care.

Jackwax Party delights many

On Saturday March 14 the Thurman town hall was crowded to overflowing with folks of all ages enjoying the annual Jackwax Party - socializing, sampling the savory dishes in the buffet of homemade entrees, finished off with sugar on snow. Over 180 adults, plus children and helpers all enjoyed a very tasty covered dish dinner and a total of $1,800 will be given to the American Cancer Crusade, plus a donation from Bard medical devices company.

Helen Baker, the lady who annually organizes the Jackwax party every year, expresses thanks to her family members including Craig Baker, Kylie and Amanda Baker for their help. Thanks also go to the Warren County Ramblers band, Jack Toney, the Golden Corral and the Whitefields for their donations. Also very appreciated are the Jackwax helpers including Mary Fish, the Ligons, Paula Hubert, George Chonko, the youth detention group, Courtney Baker, Becky Parker, Wendy Davis, Katelyn Keller, Kathy Zimmerman, and the M. Kenyons. For the donation of maple syrup, thanks go to Jim Galusha, D&D Needham, Marc Kenyon, Mike Hill and partner, Stuart Baker and Yves Fontaine and Floyd Baker. A big Thank You also goes out to all the people who brought in food dishes and drinks - without your help we couldn't hold this special event. Also, we think of Jean Reynolds, who for decades organized this annual event.

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