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The local rock trio Spectris had been hard at work recording their debut CD for over a year and a half, and now the fruits of their labor have come to fruition with the release of Industry, their second full-length CD.

Featuring Christopher Bergmann on guitar and vocals, Todd Westfall on drums and vocals and Josh Mosher on bass and vocals, Industry reveals a band that has matured and progressed tremendously in every aspect since their initial self-titled CD; in their song writing, their musicianship and their abilities in the studio.

Recorded at Helmet Studios in Walpole, NH under the direction of producer Rob Bridge, Industry delivers eight tracks of edgy, progressive rock full of concise structures and aggressive solos, yet also coupled with some form of underlining, rage that's always bubbling underneath the surface.

From Bergmann's opening instrumental strains of sinister guitar in "Stovepiped" the tone is set, creating a distinctive energy that withstands throughout.

Both "Shovel" and "Industry" are aggressive rockers that build momentum with blistering bass and guitar rhythms in the former, with some patented Westfall rapid-fire drum fills throughout the latter.

"The Sun" then shifts gears a bit, centering the groove around some powerful bottom-end bass lines from Mosher that really fill out the track, along with a couple tasty guitar solos.

The following "Grey Area" is perhaps a bit of a departure from the others and seemingly provides an intermission of sorts - a slow-burning number which unleashes the blues-soaked guitar and vocal-prowess of Bergmann.

Next up is "Crossing, which started out as a Mosher solo-demo, but took on a whole new life after receiving a Spectris treatment. Mosher also takes the lead vocal on this track.

"Anxt" is the second instrumental and perhaps the signature track of not only this release, but the entire Spectris legacy to this point.

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