I'm throwin' my baseball cap in the ring!

Last week's column promised a big announcement in this week's column. Here it is-um, wait, what the heck was it? Ah, yeah, I'm running for governor. Either governor or lieutenant governor-next time elections come around which I think is November 2010.

Sorry, I forgot for a second what the big announcement was but the column about the upcoming big announcement was written a whole week ago; since I haven't thought much about my bid for guv. or lt. guv, I've had more important stuff going on, and I just forgot. But yeah, I might run.

At least by saying "I forgot," I'm being honest unlike other politico hopefuls who fill us with a whole bunch of "viable option for me," "highly unlikely," and "nevertheless I've learned to never say never's" - when all along they know danged well whether they'll run or not.

Politician Speak 101 bores me, to be honest-frankly, clearly, understandably, evidently, and substantively, it does. See. You bored yet?

Politicians are good at saying nothing while saying something, which the media loves; if politicians said nothing w/o saying something, the media folks would be jobless.

Saying nothing (while saying something) is rude, but it's politics; that's why, though I know nothing about specifics of hot topics such as Vermont Yankee, the fiasco that is FairPoint (or even farmer suffrage), you should vote for me in 2010 because when I say something about anything, I'll say it in a manner that's direct. You'll know where I stand, even if it means I could lose your vote.

When the news media folks ask me why I want to be governor, I'll answer the same as the other candidates: I love Vermont! I want to help keep it safe, prosperous and beautiful, for us and our children's children. I want to help bring sturdy and steady businesses and industry to the state. I want to help create good jobs. I want to improve our educational institutions so our youth will stride into the workplace well equipped to succeed. I want to set Vermont into a position of strength, one that's attractive and that will prompt our youth to stay-bingady-boom. Vote for me.

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