Farm Safety Week focuses on rural roadways

Farmers should talk to their doctor about driving while on medication. The focus for the 2009 National Farm Safety and Health Week is rural roadway safety. Rural roadways have more than their share of collisions. It is important to be an alert and safe driver to protect yourself and others on the roadway from any incidents this fall.

The AgriSafe Network reminds farmers that prescription and over-the-counter medications may impact your ability to drive vehicles or farm equipment safely. Medications can cause sleepiness, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and other side effects. When changing medication or starting a new medication, ask your doctor if there are any side effects that may keep you from safely operating equipment or vehicles. Many medications have warnings against operating vehicles or heavy equipment until you know how your body will respond to the medication.

Talk to your doctor about your medications and vitamins. Be an 'alert, aware and alive' driver!

For more information about health and safety in agriculture, visit: University of Vermont Extension web site at www.uvm.edu/extension or call 800-281-6977, 866-260-5603, and AgriSafe Network's website at www.agrisafe.org

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