Simple acts of kindness, part 2

I could never prove it was the old man who did that amazing deed, but the boot tracks through the snow sure looked a lot like his.

A daughter's selflessness

Joe from Whitehall wrote:

I have a heartwarming story of my own about something my 5-year-old daughter did this summer. I am in the National Guard and spent the last year in Iraq. When I returned I took my daughter to the Great Escape to enjoy a sun-filled day and then to Martha's Ice Cream as she had been bugging me all day to make a stop there. She ordered and after receiving a cone heavily laden with ice cream, spun and started walking to our car. Before she could take her first bite, however, she noticed a young soldier in BDU's (camouflage outfit called a Battle Dress Uniform) standing a few people back in line. She immediately marched straight to the young man and offered him her ice cream.

"I'd like you to have this and thank you for helping keep my Daddy safe so he could come home to Mommy and me," she said.

I think we were both fighting back tears as my little girl spun and skipped away toward the car.

A guardian angel

Kimberly from North Elba wrote:

I was returning from college in an old Dodge Dart I had at the time and was traveling a very remote section of Route 8 in near blizzard conditions.

Rounding a corner somewhere outside Speculator I lost control and careened down a steep embankment. I was unhurt but the car was completely buried. I had to climb out a window just to get to the road as the doors were jammed shut by snow.

I really wasn't prepared for the elements and had only sneakers and a light coat on as I made my way along the highway toward a house not far away. As I approached, a dog barked fiercely from inside and the porch light snapped on. I was so scared I could barely move but I didn't know what else to do. From inside, a man's voice barked "who's there?"

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