Horicon ditches North Warren Emergency Squad

Bentley said the squad board had repeatedly refused to disclose finances to members who asked to see the records.

"It's a dictatorship," Bentley said, referring to White's management of the squad. Bentley said White receives about $60,000 per year in pay from the squad, although he is listed as earning $16 per hour - but he assigns himself overtime, Bentley said.

White said Tuesday he would not answer questions about his pay or any other matters.

"We have audits being done, and we have to take care of these before we answer any questions," he said, mentioning that the squad had retained an attorney to help defend themselves in these issues.

Recently, the squad let go its medical director, and had its ability to dispense pain-killing drugs revoked by the state.

Bentley said that squad members weren't adequately informed in advance about the lack of ability to carry an inventory of drugs nor use them, and they recently made an emergency medical call to Pottersville, in which a citizen's life was endangered because of not giving the EMTs prior notice.

Paul Frasco said months ago in an interview with the Adirondack Journal that he, as squad captain, had asked for full disclosure of the squad's finances last year, and that he had questions of whether some squad officials and members were using squad money and assets for their personal use. He also said he had questioned pay, including overtime, that some members of the board of directors were receiving.

In addition, he had questioned why the squad had not received a $24,000 state grant they'd qualified for and were promised.

Frasco not only didn't receive the information he was requesting, but he was suspended, then fired, soon after making these inquiries, he said.

This spring, Frasco said he has turned over his findings to the state Attorney General's office and asked for an investigation and audit. They have not to date released their findings.

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