Horicon rebuffs North Warren Emergency Squad, airs concerns about finances, leadership

Frasco said he and his wife originally had asked questions regarding finances, specifically why a routine audit had not been conducted for four years, and that Patti, then Secretary of the squad, asked White for financial records and past budgets, but he refused to produce them.

"We were concerned about the increase in expenses and the size of the proposed budget for the upcoming year of 2009," he said. Frasco said.

At one point, White had Patti Frasco removed from the squad headquarters by two state Troopers, although she was merely seeking answers to her concerns, Paul Frasco said.

He added that one squad staff member had been suspended for 90 days merely for talking with the squad's medical director.

White later produced a record of aggregate personnel records, Frasco said, but these notations did not have a breakdown of payments or hours accrued by individuals.

Paul Frasco said that he had concerns that individual members might have used squad credit or debit cards to pay for personal expenses like travel, gasoline, phone bills, groceries and expensive equipment, all of which should not have been charged to the squad. He also said he suspected that squad cell phones were being improperly used for personal calls.

Frasco also said he had concerns that cash donations to the squad might not have been properly tracked and accounted for, and that many of them might have been in cash.

White dismissed Frasco's concerns this spring, replying that everything was appropriately accounted for, and any irregularity had been addressed At that time, he discounted Frasco's allegations as complaints of a disgruntled ex-member.

Paul Frasco said, however, he was merely trying to make sure the squad uses local citizens' money in a responsible, accountable manner - and that the squad provides the highest quality, most prompt service possible, to the public.

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