Essex County leaders respond to APRAP

ELIZABETHTOWN - Essex County officials lauded a recently completed report that shows some troubling statistics for communities in the Adirondacks.

Jim Martin from Landscape Architecture and Engineering gave a presentation to the Essex County Economic Development Committee at their Sept. 14 meeting summarizing the Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project, which outlines the economic and demographic challenges facing the region.

Using data from local governments and state agencies, researchers compiled charts and color-coded maps showing trends all too familiar to the Adirondack Park: a stagnant, aging population and stifled opportunities for growth.

Martin said that while communities around the edge of the park have shown increases in population, the core communities of the Adirondacks have been steadily losing people.

"The median age is increasing at an exceptionally fast rate," he said, noting the Adirondacks are rivaled only by the west coast of Florida for the oldest residents.

The rising age of people in the park is felt most heavily in the schools, Martin said. The number of K-12 students has fallen 31 percent since 1970. Meanwhile, the number of teachers has risen 43 percent, putting extra stress on communities to produce more revenue through property tax.

Adirondack schools are losing students at a rate of 354 every 18 months, said Martin, the equivalent of one average school district in the Adirondacks.

Martin also pointed to land use as another major issue in the Adirondacks. With more than 40 percent of the park owned by the state, another 20 percent under conservation easement, and another 15 percent already in use, only 15 percent of the land in the Adirondacks is available for development. forty percent of residential parcels are owned by residents with addresses outside the Blue Line.

Unemployment in the region rises to 30 percent during the winter months, said Martin, and even during the summer it is still higher than in the rest of the state.

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