Essex 9/19/09

Did I tell you that on Oct. 11, at 5 p.m., Connie Fee and some of her voice students will be giving a free concert of Sacred Music in the Essex Community Church?

After five years of development, a questionnaire regarding the use of the word Oxymorons in the work place was developed by both the Plattsburg State Education Accreditation team and, separately (in two 15-minute sessions), by the Second Grade Class at Willsboro Central School. A team of experts assigned from within the DNC has selected the Willsboro submission as more professional, thorough, and readable. Fifth Asst. Vice President for Communications at Plattsburg State responded to this reporter's inquiry by saying, "A bunch of snotty nosed kids; I wonder if they would be interested in working on our Education Accreditation team."

This survey of Oxymorons (notice the last six letters?) concluded that the expression "That's an oxymoron" is the most ill-used expression in the U.S. and still is the darling of mental midgets. 98 percent voted "military intelligence" as the most expressive Oxymoron. Other contenders were: "salesman honesty," "ethical politicians," "help from the government," "stockbroker farmers," "medical practice," and "newspaper editors." APA's "substantial invisibility" did not make the list since most expressions from APA are oxymorons.

Will I ever tell you enough times that on Oct. 11, at 5 p.m., about Connie Fee's concert of sacred music in the Essex Community Church?

Names of Beautification volunteers keep coming in, with Donna Bailey, and Colleen Van Hoven. Pretty Good served as a model for the committee. Say, speaking of beautification, will someone tell me the names of the person(s) mowing the four Essex cemeteries?

There is a mangy cat trying to adopt me as her new owner. Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be around anyone with such little discernment. As my hero Charlie is fond of saying, "See Ya."

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