Warrensburg youth gridiron team grinds out victory over Glens Falls rival

GLENS FALLS - The Warrensburg Youth Football teams launched their 2009 season Saturday, and the 5th and 6th grade squad used a fast, versatile offense and powerful defense to overcome Glens Falls Indians by a decisive 30-6 score.

It initially seemed the game was going to be a tough one when the Indians scored a 70-yard run on the very first play of the game - strikingly similar to how their high-school counterparts endured a game-kickoff return Friday.

But the mini-Burghers rebounded right away, stopping the extra point conversion, and then took control of the ball. In a solid ground attack, the Burghers gained yardage, play after play, with their "thunder and lightning" duo of fullback Brandon Schwarz and tailback Joe Schuster respectively.

Warrensburg's line seemed to control the play action, allowing the backs to taking the ball down to within the Indians 10-yard line. Glens Falls defense stood tough near the goal line, preventing Warrensburg from scoring on the next four plays. But it wasn't long before Warrensburg got the ball again and pushed their way right back to the Glens Falls 4-yard line. Brandon Schwartz thundered his way across the goal line to tie the game.

The very next set of downs found Glens Falls with their back against the wall; and after a couple of penalties and resistance from the Burghers defense, Joe Schuster added two points to the Burgher scoreboard with a tackle in the end zone.

Burgher Coach Al Perrone stuck to his offensive strategy of charging up the middle and use the lightning speed to streak to the outside, while Warrensburg defense, led by linebackers Jacob Nemec and Jarod West, kept the Indians' attack under control.

Joe "Lightning" Schuster rushed for over 100 yards, adding two touchdowns and an extra-point run to his resume. Ian Hayes scored on a 60-yard end-run reverse play, plus he contributed a two-point conversion reception of a pass from quarterback Mark Monthony and a one-point conversion run to hike the final tally to 30-6.

The Burghers 3rd and 4th grade team held their own as they lost a close one at home to Corinth. Dan Monthony and Michael Baker each scored a touchdown as Jacob Johnson provided the extra point conversions with two runs. Dan Monthony, Will Schwarz and Greg Shambo played great defense, but fell short in the 18-14 defeat. Burgher Coach Gary Baker said he was pleased with his team's initial showing.

"I am very proud of his how competitive my team played," he said. "The players just ran out of time.

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