Dietary Tips to Keep Seniors Going Strong

* Reduce, but don't eliminate, fat from your diet. Because our metabolism slows as we age, it's important to reduce the amount of fat in our diet as we age. However, reduction is not synonymous with elimination. Fat should not be eliminated from seniors' diets, as it can still prove a valuable energy source. But seniors should reduce the amount of fat in their diet to combat their slowing metabolism.

* Don't forget about calcium. Calcium is essential to bone health, and too little calcium in a senior's diet can increase susceptibility to osteoporosis, which weakens the bones and increases the likelihood that a fall can lead to a broken bone. For seniors with digestive problems who cannot comfortably drink milk, consider including non-fat powdered milk in recipes. Also, lactose-free milk can enable people to drink milk and get valuable calcium. If none of these options work out, consult a physician to discuss calcium supplements.

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