Catch Michael Jordan's basketball Hall of Fame induction?

Did anyone happen to catch Michael Jordan's basketball Hall of Fame induction speech over the weekend? To be honest, I couldn't believe what I was hearing from basketball's "greatest player ever."

After David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer give humbled, heart-warming speeches in which they thanked everyone under the sun, it simply made Jordan's speech appear crass, arrogant and down-right petty.

Instead of talking about his upbringing and how hard he worked to become that "greatest player ever" and global icon, he chose to drudge up old battles with former players, coaches and owners.

You mean to tell me, Michael, you didn't have anything better to talk about than some old grudge you have against former head coach Jeff Van Gundy or former (journeyman) hoop player Byron Nelson, or former Bulls owner Jerry Krause or Hall of Famers Magic Johnson and George "Iceman" Gervin for "freezing you out" in your rookie all-star game 20 years ago?

Jordan also jabbed at his former legendary North Carolina college coach Dean Smith for not including him on a Sports Illustrated cover his freshman year, and even his high school coach for cutting him from the school team.

Then at the end, when he finally got around to thanking his family, he said he was sorry for all the expectations he had created for them and actually said, "heck, I wouldn't want to be you." Well gee, thanks Dad!

Quite frankly it was the worst Hall of Fame speech I have ever heard and I am glad he was a Bull and not a Celtic.

Give me Larry Bird and the "Big Three" any day of the week.


The NFL kicked into high gear over the weekend and anyone who has Saints quarterback Drew Brees on their fantasy football team (that would be me) was certainly happy, as Brees threw six touchdown passes in a romp over the lowly Lions.

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