Warrensburg races focus on spending, town's future

Baker has campaigned that one of the town's wells, the Swan St. well, needs to go offline as it is producing water that doesn't meet state standards.

Rather than spend $170,000 on meters, he said that spending $35,000 for a new well would be a better investment.

He's also criticized Geraghty and the town board for spending another $140,000 on a street sweeper. He's suggested the board should have paid $10,000 for repairs rather than the larger sum. Geraghty counters that the old street sweeper was getting costly to repair - and with its vital parts near failure, it was approaching the end of its useful life.

Both Baker and Geraghty say they've been prudent with the taxpayers' money. Geraghty's been supervisor for four years, and Baker served in the post from 1988 through 1997. Both said they were successful at obtaining grant money. Baker notes he closed the town landfill for $3 million at no cost to the taxpayer, obtained $3.5 million in grants for a $4.5 million sewer system for town residents, and was in power when a $500,000 water tank was constructed and $750,000 in water lines were laid, both at little or no cost to taxpayers. Geraghty noted his administration has brought a professional grants writer on staff who is both obtaining and seeking more and more grants, for parks and recreation, basic infrastructure, and other town amenities, as the months go by.

Both are on the ticket with supplementary party labels, so they'll undoubtedly be back wrangling in November.

Board candidates look to future

In the town board race, incumbents John Alexander and Joe Barlow cite the accomplishments of the past four years, which include developing two town parks, bringing a manufacturing operation to the town Industrial Park, and overseing computerization of many town functions and records.

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