Lake George has hot five way race for town board

"All efforts should be made toward containing the town budget, seeking not to invent ways to spend public money, but seeking to reduce government," McGowan said.

Candidates also said it was wise to thoroughly research the possible consolidation of town and village governments. McGowan said that the town should scrutinize the associated financial transactions. McGowan's been critical of village government in the face of the recent sewer system break, charging that proper upgrades hadn't been accomplished in recent years. Also, he said the village ought to charge dumping fees for private haulers, and use the money for system maintenance.

Carr cites his extensive business experience as a potential asset in the town board's decision-making and budgeting process. The new ideas he's already concocted include creating a bike trail network that attracts green and athletically oriented tourists, and establishing a restaurant district in town that has a distinctive, charming streetscape and ambiance. Carr is owner of Adirondack Pub & Brewery, Common Man's Bistro, and North Country House Crafters - all of which he actively runs - and they are all growing to date.

Janie Green said she'd work to improve infrastructure, boost tourism and scrutinize the effects of potential consolidation.

Crocitto, Green and Heinrich cite their experience in land use issues. Crocitto has served as chairman of the town zoning board of appeals, and Green has served on the same panel for five years, with a prior stint on the planning board. Heinrich has worked for the town for 17 years as planning and zoning coordinator. She cited her years of work for the town and county as helping her devise innovative ways of helping the middle class and those on modest incomes. Such ideas include intermittent half-price sales on landfill punch cards, amnesty for minor town code and land-use infractions, and holding local hazardous waste collection days.

Carr notes his regular attendance at town and county board meetings, which has given him considerable insight into local and regional issues.

"I look toward innovation, and I've got no axe to grind," he said.

Green and Heinrich also cite their experience in business, Green with restaurants and accommodations, Heinrich helping run a fuel company with her parents.

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