Bolton residents watch bear visiting their backyard

BOLTON - A black bear wandered Friday into the backyard of Bolton residents Russell and Marina Skea.

The Skeas were alerted to the bear by their cat "Moll Flanders" at about 2 p.m., when the feline leapt to a window, Marina Skea reported.

Responding to see what was outside, the Skeas saw what they described as an adult black bear about 25 feet from the back of their home off Coolidge Hill Rd.

The bear had already taken down a suet holder and consumed the contents, Marina Skea said.

Surprisingly, the wild creature had not disturbed several other suet, seed and hummingbird feeders, she said. The bear then easily dug a hole in the ground, about two feet wide and the same depth, and there appeared to be a nest of bees or wasps in the ground, Marina Skea said.

These angry insects, she said, began swarming around the bear's head, but the bear was undaunted and casually strolled away, until it found and decided to inspect one of the Skeas' bluebird houses.

The bear then walked into the woods, concluding a visit that lasted about 10 minutes, she said.

This incident was the second time the Skeas have seen a black bear on our property - the first time was about six years ago, in the fall and occurring past midnight. In this earlier encounter, the Skeas were awakened by a bear that had taken down a bird-seed feeder. It feasted on the contents and then proceeded into the woods, they said.

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