A good physical therapist makes all the difference

It's important to realize as you age, the nagging aches and pains that arrive within and on your old bones and tissue can for the most part be managed.

This summer at a concert I had to run nearly a hundred yards wearing large logging boots. Reaching my destination I knew immediately from pain I felt in my right knee that I'd somehow hurt it. It was obvious the injury wasn't from any sort of contact, so I wasn't sure what might have caused the injury, nor was I sure what the injury was.

Pain will sometimes leave as quickly as it arrived, but that wasn't the case with my new knee pain, it got worse as the day went on. The first night with the new pain was such a pain I didn't sleep well. In the morning, any hope of overnight recovery was stolen away by minor swelling and a good bit of stiffness in my knee.

This knee pain felt different than any I'd previously had, and I wasn't totally sure this injury would heal without having to undergo some sort of surgical procedure, so I made an appointment with my trusty physical therapist.

Main point to folks over age 40: by recommendation or cold calling, find a very good physical therapist. I've had one for about 10 years who has worked plenty a cranky aging pain away, while at the same time talking me through why and how it occurred, and what I could do to make it stay away.

My P.T. knew, after a few tugs on my knee, that I wasn't going to need surgery to fix it. I swear, once I knew the problem with my knee was a bruise, not a tear, a load lifted from my mind, and 40 percent of the pain went away. The years I'd gone to my P.T. had given my confidence in his judgment, that's why it's important to establish a relationship with a therapist you can trust as soon as you can, you old creaky cusses.

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