100 Years Old And Still Fabulous

Louise Bradford Wilson of Bellows Falls turned 100 this summer, wearing a button that said "100 and Fabulous," which pretty much describes her. Born in Wayne, ME, the third of nine children, Louise has seen her share of tragedy - her father died at a young age rescuing a drowning swimmer and she had a less than happy first marriage - but any troubles she may have seen have had little effect on her positive attitude about life.

Louise has become famous for her sayings, posted daily on Facebook by her granddaughter Vicki Allen (visit the Louise B. Wilson group on Facebook where her sayings are archived), and one saying I heard several times the evening I interviewed her was, "I enjoyed myself wherever I went."

It is obvious Louise has a big appetite for life that the travails of extreme old age have done little to dampen.

Like all of her brothers and sisters, Louise enjoyed a college education, had a lifetime career as a maternity nurse, and was also talented musically - she still plays piano.

She says she got her musical talent from her father, who, according to Louise, "could make music on anything."

She came to Bellows Falls with her first husband following World War II in 1949. She went to work at Rockingham Hospital, where she remained until her retirement at age 66 . At some point - Louise isn't perfectly clear on all her history - her first husband "disappeared," and in 1956 she married Frederick Wilson.

The marriage was by all accounts a very happy one right up to his death in 1971.

"Papa Fred was a lovely man," Louise said. "He was the kindest hearted man I ever met We had a wonderful life from then on."

Louise had a work life that seemed to mirror her happy marriage.

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