It'll take teamwork to repeat success of Warriors' 2008 soccer season

Blake saw some of his players were doing half-hearted crab pushups.

"Is anybody sweating yet? It shouldn't be easy - and if it is, either you're in incredible shape or you're cheating.....work those arms!"

In 2008, the team had some stellar players that shouldered a lot of the play action - 2008 offensive threat Toby Noble and defender Brendan Dunn, who was named regional Player of the Year and achieved 4th team All-State.

Now in 2009, there may be no superstars, but there's a lot of very good players, White said, and they'll have to work together as a team to be successful.

The squad is up to the challenge of achieving greatness through teamwork and dedication, White said.

"I'm pleased by the attitude and camaraderie they've shown so far," he said. "They know it's their turn to shine."

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