The 100-Year-Old Laptop?

Submitted by the Black River Arts Museum

Georgia Brehm, Director of Black River Academy Museum in Ludlow, as she performs data entry on a laptop computer that may not see daylight again until the year 2108.

The laptop is the critical piece to the time capsule that BRAM is assembling as part of the construction of its new elevator tower. A number of DVD and textual CDs have been prepared for the laptop as one of the vehicles for letting the folks in the year 2108 know what life was like in the Black River area in 2008 - and before that.

According to Brehm, "The time capsule has been assembled and stored safely so that someone in 2108 will have the chance to open up a century old box of memories."

Ralph Pace, who helped assemble the computer portion of the time capsule, noted that it "would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when they open this in 2108. By that time elevators may have been replaced by Star Trek transporters."

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