Human Jukebox' to perform at Miner Museum Nov. 6

CHAZY - When his older sister, Seana, began playing the guitar, then 11-year-old Timothy Hartnett knew he needed to learn the instrument as well. Now, he can play nearly any song someone throws his way.

"Tim is a real music historian," said longtime friend Amanda Palmer, director and curator of the Alice T. Miner Museum. "He knows lots of different songs and we've ... tried in social situations to come up with songs he can't remember. To kind of stump him. And, it's hard to do."

During a housewarming party Hartnett attended, he and his friends began singing various songs - giving him the nickname "The Human Jukebox," by Palmer, just because "he seemed to know so many songs."

"We just picked up the guitar and one song triggered another song, and before we knew it, two hours had gone by," recalled Hartnett. "We were amazed at how many words we remembered."

Hartnett took up guitar in the late 1960s, when many people were "learning the songs of the day," Hartnett said.

Today, he plays with numerous bands, performing when he can. Now, he's taking on a different kind of concert.

Hartnett was asked by Palmer to perform at the Alice T. Miner Museum next Friday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. - his first time performing there.

"I think it will be fun," Palmer said. "I'm hoping for some audience participation."

"I think the idea is that I'm going to sing some old favorites," explained Hartnett. "It just matters who's there and what their old favorites may be."

Expecting a "baby boomer crowd," Hartnett anticipates playing The Beatles, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young, to name a few.

"Do an old Sinatra song if we can," he said. Who knows?"

The one thing Hartnett hopes doesn't happen is that he has to do all the singing.

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