Stony Creek races

Public offices now held: Member, Stony Creek Board of Assessors.

Public offices held in past: Member, Board of Assessment Review, Stony Creek

Qualifications for office: Lifelong resident of Stony Creek, familiar with people and issues of the town; have traveled to other parts of country and learned to work with people of many walks of life.

Leading campaign issues: Honesty and accountability in our government; respect for every resident of the town; fairness in dealing with people and issues both in town and county settings.

What I'd accomplish if elected: I will do my best to be fair, honest and impartial. I believe that everyone should have a voice in their local government. I also believe that the government should work for all the people, not for only a few.

Candidate for Town Board:

Harry P. Gill (R)

Address: 15 Tannery Lane , Stony Creek

(No response as of press time)

Candidate for Town Board

William S. Liebl (R), incumbent

Address: 170 Lens Lake Rd., Stony Creek

(No response as of press time)

Candidate for Town Board

Gus N. Kanakis (C)

Address: 28 Carberry Rd., Stony Creek

Occupation: Electrician

Education: High school graduate, some college credits in the field of personnel management, fire safety and electrical management for large corporate buildings.

Public Office held now: None.

Public office held in past: None.

Age: 51

Qualifications for office: I have 17 years management experience being the building engineer for the Orlando Arena, 11 years of management experience at the Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ.

Leading campaign issues: Open and honest government where all town citizens can speak freely at meetings without censure or fear of reprisal. Complete financial accountability in all areas.

What I would accomplish if elected: Ensure that all town expenditures are necessary and would benefit all citizens. Revamp the budget to cut waste. Keep our town better informed of all town board activities by posting new information on the Stony Creek website.

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