•50 Years Ago - October, 1959•

County municipal center in Warrensburgh?

Concerning the proposal to move the Warren County seat from Lake George to a county-owned site four miles north of Glens Falls, which will be put before the voters on Nov. 3, 1959, response has been in the negative. Readers of the Warrensburg News have voted three-to-one against it.

Readers feel that the county board should never have let the jail get in such a deplorable condition that it couldn't be repaired and that $1,824,300 would be needed to build a new one. Many people feel that Warrensburg would be a better choice as a new county center.

Until the proposed plan is accepted and a new jail built, Warren County prisoners are transported to Rochester and boarded at $4 a day, according to Sheriff Carl McCoy. (Note: the cost to rent cells is now about $100 per day.)

Glen Bridge nearly complete

The old inadequate wooden plank bridge over the Hudson at The Glen, built in 1903, will be demolished in a few weeks when the new concrete and steel bridge is completed. The plank bridge originally replaced an earlier wooden covered bridge that was built in 1816.

Irving Goodman can remember when the ice took that first bridge out in 1903 when it surged higher and higher and finally with a great heave, lifted the entire structure three feet and dropped it back on its footings. The next grinding upheaval of jagged ice cakes crushed the wooden covering, swept the entire bridge off its footings and deposited it downstream several hundred feet.

After the plank bridge was built in 1903, horse-drawn sleighs, huge lumber sleds, wagons and buggies have crossed over it in the past 56 years. The first automobile appeared in 1906. Untold thousands of logs floated beneath the bridge each spring, shooting through the deep swift water until around 1950 when trucks took over the transportation.

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