That's a wrap

One lady says she wraps on the table because the floor kills her back. The floor kills my back too, but bending over a table kills it more. Don't ask me how I know.

One person's answer was they wrapped in the car, "on the way to the party." No surprise that answer came from a dude. I'd ask the authorities to consider adding present wrapping, to texting, drinking, and reading, to the list of "don'ts" while you drive.

Another of the six male responders wrote, "I don't own a table." Like me he probably eats standing up at the kitchen counter, which the experts say is bad. They say you should set, relax, take your time and enjoy your meal. I say, phooey, I like standing as I eat, it's better for my back. Have you noticed a theme here, back health? If you don't relate, you're not over thirty-eight. Makes me think though, maybe this year I'll wrap at the kitchen counter, it's wide enough, and I had mine built to forty-nine inches instead of the standard thirty-six. Counter wrapping might be best for back health.

Of her present wrapping tradition one particularly friendly lass shared that she wraps "On the floor, on my knees sometimes, if the package is big enough and I need the leverage." Ahhh the Yule.

Another person said they wrap on the table because if they screw up they like to pound on it. Yup, a dude. Now there's the ole holiday spirit ... pa rum, pum pum pummel.

I wrap on the floor because I like looking directly into the fire, and directly up at the tree.

One person brought up the option to wrap in mid-air. I think we've all done the running- out-the-door mid-air wrap job a time or too. It works, but it's danged dangerous, and the quality of the job will lend substantial evidence to the fact that you thought to buy the present last minute. So unless you want the present recipient to feel un-loved, put thought and effort into buying and wrapping way ahead of the presenting.

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