Gordie Little's new book

The strange phenomenon occurred, Little wrote, when Alexander and her family awoke to hear the piano playing in the middle of the night. They crept downstairs and were taken back by what they saw - or didn't see.

"They could hear the beautiful music and could see the keys move, but no one was seated on the piano stool. No hands could be seen flying over the keys," Little wrote. "No one said it out loud, but they all knew that Aunt Lou-eezy had come back to serenade them."

Little has been interested in ghost stories since his childhood, he said, when he would read Grimm's Fairy Tales and listen to ghoulish stories told by his mother.

"My mother was the best storyteller in the world," Little recalled. "She would gather the neighborhood kids in our living room on Halloween night, sit down and make up these gruesome, frightening stories and then she'd have to walk them all home because they were afraid to go out by themselves."

The love for the unexplained instilled in Little by his mother has grown over the years, including a fascination with extrasensory perception (ESP), UFOs and even Bigfoot.

"I've always been interested in what I call borderline subjects," said Little. "And, writing these ghost stories just seemed to be a natural progression."

Does Little have any favorites out of the 32 tales found in his new book?

"They're all interesting in their own right," said Little, adding most of the stories "aren't frightening at all."

"Some of them, my wife said shouldn't be called 'ghost stories' because their profoundly spiritual and moving," he said. "Some of them involve partners that lived together and were married for many, many years, where one dies and comes back or a beloved grandmother comes back. Those are the stories that are touching to me."

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