Essex 10/24

I can't stand it, do you hear, or rather do you read? There are so many election signs on the Lake Shore Road in Essex that you can't see the lake anymore. If I still owned property along the lake I would demand, from the town's assessors, a reduction in my assessment level for the lost view. So instead of whining away I guess I will now have to drive to Essex along Route 22. Ah me, Scaramouch, where is thy blade, that did so injure one's countenance?

Did you hear that Frank Walls was the guest coach of the Plattsburgh State Girls Alumni Hockey team week's match? The girls went and played their hearts out for Coach Frank, but to no avail. They still lost to the present Girls Hockey team. Frank even tried his strategy of letting all the alumni skaters out on the ice for the last minute of the game. There is a rumor floating around that Frank will not be asked to coach next year's Girls Alumni hockey team. The big question is, how did Frank get across the ice in the first place; on his hands and knees, or did he glide across the ice holding on to several of the girls?

The election rumor mill grinds on. Now some "concerned citizens" want to require that the town's budget should be reviewed, revised and reduced. Guess what Gloria, that's a requirement of Town Law. Well "concerned citizens," the Board has reviewed, revised, and reduced the budget 4 times and even included an extra hearing. In fact, elected officials are not getting pay raises. One more budget meeting to go. By-the-by, Roxanne, at the last budget line-by-line hearing before a large "house," not one "concerned citizen" requested any line item reduction. As for the complaint about encouraging more participation in town governing, the Town Board is proud that we have accepted anyone volunteering to help regardless of party affliction, Jeeze Louise! Get a life!

Buck up Jack, the election is coming up in 13 days, so everyone get out and vote. Vote early and often. If you don't like any of the listed candidates, then write in some names. Bill Backbeiter, Snidely Whiplash, and Siegfried Second-Geister are available.

Nick Muller sent me a copy of "Lamoille Tales" a series of hilarious stories about native Vermonters living in Lamoille County. This copy will be the lead publication at the next DNC book discussion confabulation.

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