A dream come true

From what Lushia has learned, his Sears home is not the only one in the area. And, he hopes to gather other Sears homeowners to form an association.

"Some companies, large companies, bought a lot of them, and they're located together on streets," explained Lushia. "Maybe that's what we got here."

For now, Lushia is working to get the house ready for the B&B he hopes to have ready for July - when he has his first booking. The plan is to have the house open for anyone wishing to stay, on a donation-only basis.

"I've stayed at a lot of bed and breakfasts and when it becomes a business-type thing ... that, to me, has missed its point," he said.

Lushia also hopes to have piano recitals and tea parties, and even a place for brides to prepare for their weddings.

"I guess once I bought [the house] and heard so many people say, 'Wow, we've never been in there,'" said Lushia, "then I just wanted to open right up and say, 'Okay, this is a community house, and it's time for you to see it and enjoy it.'"

Those interested in seeing or using the home may contact Lushia at 493-6671. For more information about Sears Modern Homes, visit www.searsarchives.com

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