Regular Big Game Season begins

Following a couple of cold and snowy days, the Muzzleloading season got off to a good start. The coming weekend signals the beginning of the Regular Big Game season. Although the forests have been holding leaves tight to the trunk so far, the woods are slowly beginning to open up. And as the contours of the land become more apparent, hunters will be able to locate the hilltop knobs and patches of greenery that provide ideal cover and sanctuary for whitetails. A bit of fresh snow will reveal tracks and allow hunters to discover patterns of their travels. Studying tracks will permit an intuitive hunter the opportunity to discover a deer's habits, it's travel routes and corridors, feeding and bedding areas and safe havens.

It is not too early to find bucks looking for does already. Predictions indicate that the rut will be accelerated this season, if the 'Hunter's Moon' theory is to be believed. Advanced by such deer experts as Charles Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche, the theory states that the second full moon after the autumnal equinox can "kick start buck movement".

The Hunter's Moon will arrive on November 2 this year and if the theory is correct; bucks will begin chasing does about 3 days after the full moon and continue for about two weeks. For hunters worried that the hunting season has been rather slow to date should remember that there's nearly two months yet to go. Patience has put more venison on the table than haste. In fact, patience is likely the deadliest of all the hunter's weapons.

The Benoit's Advice

The Benoit family of Duxbury, Vermont have long been recognized as some of the most successful whitetail hunters in the Northeast. Larry Benoit, patriarch of the clan was recently inducted as the inaugural member of the Whitetail Hall of Fame at the recent 2009 Whitetail Classic in Queensbury.

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