CTC shows customers appreciation

CHAMPLAIN - Each year, as an independent phone company, Champlain Telephone Company hosts a Customer Appreciation Day, to become more familiar with their clientele.

CTC, along with other independent phone companies throughout the state, pass around ideas that can benefit the companies and those they serve.

"One of the ideas that started quite awhile ago, many years ago, was to hold an open house early in the fall, before it really gets cold," explained vice president of CTC Greg MacConnell.

This year, the event was held Oct. 1, although the cold weather had already emerged in the Northern Tier.

But despite the damp and chilly weather, CTC customers still came out to take part in the open house, with a steady stream of people visiting their main office building at 1118 Main St., throughout the day.

Events included free food, tours of the building, a bouncy house for children, and a blood drive.

"We partner with [CVPH Medical Center] ... and have a blood drive the same day," explained MacConnell. "We thought it would just be a good opportunity to do it the same day, so if customers want to get in, they could."

Overall, MacConnell has found Customer Appreciation Day to be a benefit to both the clients and CTC.

"It's kind of different form a normal arms-length business where you provide a service, somebody sends out a check, and nobody ever knows anybody," he explained. "It's pretty intimate between the customers and the company. So, consequently, we have a Customer Appreciation Day; we usually get a pretty good turnout."

MacConnell has found many customers choose to come into the office to pay their bill, instead of dropping it in the mail.

"So, consequently a lot of our customers have known our people for years and years and years," he said.

The open house gives the staff of CTC a chance to speak with their customers on a "different level," said MacConnell.

"Kind of get better acquainted with them, and them with us," he said. "It's good from a customer-relations standpoint.

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