Essex 10/10

Hold on to your hats, everyone, here comes news items about the wild and crazy weekend scheduled for Essex on Oct. 10.

The ReNu shop will be holding a bake sale at the Essex Post Office. It will start at 9 a.m. and if there is any food left after 11 a.m., it (the food that is) will be moved over to the ReNu shop across the street. Anyone wishing to donate specialty food bring your fruits and vegetables anytime between 9 and 11.

Now, if your head has stopped spinning, the Essex Beautification Committee will be hosting the Annual Harvest Soup'n'bread luncheon at the Essex Community Methodist Church from 11:30 to 1:30. Deserts will be on hand and so will a cashier to collect $5 for Adults and $3 for the under 12's. Now wait, there's more! Shops will be open also, so you can clean out your wallets. Both organizations are important to those from Essex and surrounding areas.

Item five from the imbeciles at the Republican National Committee's (RNC) survey reads as follows; "Should English become the national language of the United States?" Don't answer yes, because the RNC people will be unable to write literate material. Clearly the RNC folk will never forgive the nation for electing minorities. Another next week. Oh, I have asked some congressmen to see about stop mailings of those obscene materials.

Now, instead of congratulating me for talking about Connie Fee's vesper service concert at the Essex Methodist Church on the 11th, the sponsors want me to remind everyone that the starting time is 5 p.m. See yah dare!

Renovations continue at the Grange Hall, and it is really looking spiffy. Donations are being sought for installation of the needed septic system. They have collected over $20,000 and just a bit more will meet the project costs. Hope you can spare some of your funds to make the Grange the best meeting place in Essex County. In the past week over 150 people attended birthday parties, wedding receptions, and meetings.

The last Saturday of the month square dances have been started with a full house in the last two. Many of those in attendance come to hear the music, chat with neighbors and watch the young people dance themselves into exhausting.

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