Developments in Warrensburgh

A killing frost struck Warrensburgh Sept. 18, 1909.

There is no close to this year's straw hat season as they can be worn this winter with ear lappers.

The leaves are fast assuming their usual autumn hue. A mild winter is expected as the wind seems to continue south by southwest.

There was a big break in the water main near the Shirt Factory caused by a sand hole in the pipe.

James Harrison has set a new high average raising potatoes this year on a two-acre patch of the Griffing homestead, of which he is superintendent for Dr. Cyrus S. Merrill, of Albany, and some of his big tubers weigh two pounds and a quarter. (Note...The Griffing homestead is now Grace's Bed and Breakfast, in the center of town).

L.T. Eldridge is the potato winner to date with one weighing two and a half pounds. Claude Waddell has three tubers collectively weighing six and a half pounds. Potatoes are selling this year for 75 cents a bushel.

Charles Wade came home from the Albany Hospital where his eye had been operated upon for cataracts by Dr. Cyrus S. Merrill and his sight has been restored to full use.

Miss Jennie Tubbs, of Oak Street, is prepared to accept pupils on the piano at their home.

A son, Walter L. Needham, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edson Needham of Warrensburgh while Mrs. Needham was staying at the home of her father, George VanShaick at Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls).

Allen Russell has given up his job in W.H. Straight's Livery to go north with Lewis Bidwell after deer. (Note...Straight's Livery was in the stone building just north of Grace's Pub.)

The official board of the Warrensburgh Methodist Episcopal Church has voted to purchase a communion set with 250 cups from a well-known house.

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