Biking in for monster whitetails

At Grass Pond, which is accessible via a well maintained, old tote road, there are several fine campsites and two nice leantos along its eastern shore. The pond is regularly stocked with brook trout but ranks well below other ponds in the area in terms of size and quantity.

At the Sheep Meadows, a horse assembly area located a few miles beyond the turnoff that leads to Grass Pond, there are also two leantos as well as a small barn with horse paddocks in an area of high, open meadows.

There are also numerous roadside campsites along the shores of Mountain Pond, which is designated as a special trout water. The pond is stocked with the Windfall Pond heritage strain of brook trout and angling is limited to catch and release, with only artificials permitted.

There is easy access from Mountain Pond to the Hayes Brook trail system along the old, Route 30, which retains pavement in sections. For information on access and maps of the trail system, please visit the bikekinetix.com mountain bike website located at http://www.bikekinetix.com/t_ny\Ny_state/ franklin_northern.php.

The Adirondack Park Online Atlas of Mountain Bike Trails also offers information on mountain biking opportunities in the Adirondack Park. The mountain bike atlas illustrates 64 trails that are appropriate for mountain biking at http://bikeadk.adirondackcraft.com/data/trails.html

The Biking Buckmaster

Last year while traveling along the Hayes Brook trail system, I came upon a set of bike tracks in the light snow of early fall. I followed the tracks nearly all the way to Grass Pond, where I found a bike leaning up against a tree.

Strapped to the bike's handlebars was an empty rifle scabbard. The footprints of the rider lead off in the direction of the pond's outlet. I continued to the pond and followed his tracks until they left the trail and set off into the thick woods..

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