Dubie to run for governor

"I respect Brian Dubie's service to the nation, but he ismore interested in pleasing Vermont's 'windmill fringe' then in getting the state's energy house in real order-just to mention one example," said Ed Mann, a conservative GOP activist and blogger who divides himself between Colorado Springs, Colo., and Waltham, Vt.

"Just look at Mr. Dubie's pandering to the far-left environmentists in the state. This group is interested in more government regulation of private enterprise in the state and beyond. He will not likely get my vote. And as an opportunistic ex-Democrat, State Auditor Tom Salmon is equally suspicious to me."

After Dubie's announcement Oct. 1, Vermont's Democrat leaders opened up on the GOP candidate with both barrels.

"After seven years of empty promises and failed initiatives, Brian Dubie and the state Republicans are offering us more of the same," said Vermont Democratic Party chairwoman Judy Bevans. "Vermonters are desperate for a governor who will bring a new sense of leadership to the office of governor, not more of the same. We need a full time governor who can lead Vermont into the future, not a part-timer with ties to the past."

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