Rigsbee's first book focuses on first year in the North Country

"Publishing a book and writing a manuscript was on the top of my list," said Rigsbee. "I'd always written poems and stories since high school and college. My son encouraged me and told me it'd be a good opportunity for me."

Rigsbee was also motivated by author Anne LaBastille, a local woman who penned her own series about living on her own in the Adironack Mountains.

"I read all of her books," said Rigsbee. "I totally related to a lot of it. Of course, I wasn't living in some cabin I built by myself, but basically the weather, nature surrounding me and all that, that really encouraged me."

When writing her book, Rigsbee aimed to appeal to female readers, much like LaBastille's books, she said.

"I tend to lean toward women with the focus of my book, because I just think women would relate more to the emotional aspect of basically raising two kids by myself," she said. "But it's also a book about faith, so I wouldn't overlook the idea of men reading it, too."

"Although, they'd probably laugh at some of what I went through," she added, laughing herself.

Now, with one book under her literary belt, Rigsbee said she has considered writing other books based on her experiences as a Navy wife.

"I'm toying with the idea of writing about our year in Iceland," said Rigsbee. "That was very interesting - their way of life, their culture. And, even about our time in Guam. I became very involved in the community there."

Rigsbee said she's also considered compiling a book of her poetry - some of which is found in "A Year in the Country" - and pairing them with photographs she's taken of the Adirondack region.

Rigsbee's book may be found on-line through her publisher's Web site, www.publishamerica.com. Book signings at local book stores are anticipated this fall, with dates to be announced.

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