ESSEX 10/3/09

Did I tell you that Connie Fee will be doing the forthcoming 4 p.m. vesper service for Essex at the Essex Community Methodist Church Oct. 11? Please note I don't use the word "upcoming" because that is a dangling-syntax homogeneous expression. It is entirely possible that something would collapse, so it would be "downcoming." Highlight of the vesper service will be a duet with Connie and me singing "Shall we Gatther at the River." Please don't tell Connie because I want her to be surprised.

Did I tell you that the 2010 Essex calendar is now available at the Town Hall? It's still a cheap buy at $10 and contains colored in addition to black and white photos. All money will be used on new historical projects.

Did I tell you that I am still furious at the Nasty Republican Committee for their use of overt racism in such question as: "Should foreign born be allowed to be president;" "Should illegal immigrant children be allowed to attend schools with American children;" and, "should English be our National language?" Anyways, I sent them a contribution check of one cent because their survey is not even worth two cents.

I can't get over how mean spirited the Republicans have become just because they lost the election. To demonstrate the length of their spleen venting, Republicans Newt Grinch and Sarah Palin are the two leading Republican Presidential candidates. Newt is a pandering, philandering parsimonious, condescending hyperbole. It was my pleasure to cast the deciding vote denying him tenure when we were faculty members together at West George. As for Sarah, isn't she related to Michael Palin of the Monty Python Group?

Did I tell you that the DNC is sponsoring the Essex County edition of the Mother Teresa Memorial mud wrestling contest to honor her work with the poor who will always be with us? All local folk over the age of 65 are encouraged to sign up. Contest will be for both males and females. Come on, you sluggards, let's get going and participate in this fund raising. All proceeds go to the Mother Teresa campaign devoted to building barbecue houses throughout Essex County.

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