Deer Search, Inc.

My pup, Cedar, is now a little over a year old and beginning to show the signs of a great tracking dog. While still learning, she's looking forward to her first "find" of a mortally wounded deer. I joined the organization Deer Search, Inc. last year and am now one of a few outdoorsmen in the Adirondacks licensed by the state to use a dog to locate a wounded deer. Now that deer season is upon us, I'd love to get some experience under Cedar's collar. Should you be in need of our services, you can contact the Deer Search hotline at 845-227-5099 or feel free to call my cell phone at (518) 420-2795. Please keep in mind that Cedar is still learning, but is showing great promise and if we can help locate a wounded deer - trophy or not - that would otherwise be left to the coyotes, it would be a very satisfying experience. There is no charge for the services of Deer Search, though donations are appreciated. Feel free to give me a call anytime.

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